• Norwood Mavericks Film Festival


     Mavs News is sponsoring our first student film festival.


    Entries are now due Monday, January 15th.

    Here’s how to enter:

    1. Make a short narrative film that is between 5 and 20 minutes long (total length as reported by YouTube).
    2. Upload your film to YouTube.
    3. Email the YouTube link to: filmfestival@norwoodk12.org
    4. Fill out the registration form and the Parent/Guardian release form.
    5. Drop off registration and release form along with your $15 entry fee at the school office or mail to:

    Norwood Public Schools

    Attn: Film Festival

    PO Box 448

    Norwood, CO 81423

    Make checks payable to Norwood Public Schools

    Deadline Extended: Registration form and entry fee must be received no later than 4pm on January 15th, 2018.

    Multiple entries from the same person are allowed but each entry must have it's own registration form and  registration fee.

    Films will be judged in the following areas:

    Cinematography: How professional does the film look?

    Story: Is the story compelling, coherent and does it follow a good three-act structure?

    Acting: Is the acting good and believable?

    Editing: Is the film edited so that it flows without any unnecessary material left in.

    One overall winner will be selected based on the above criteria to receive the cash prize. 

    Runner's up may also be awarded at the judges' discretion.

    The decision of the judges is final.

    Cash award will be based on the number of entries.

    Click here for the registration form.

    Click here for the Parent/Guardian release form.

     If you would like help on how to make a high quality film watch our tutorial videos below.

    Tutorial Videos: