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Lucinda Salzman

Meet Ms. Salzman, 

I was the oldest of four children.  My father was in the military.  As a child and later as an adult, I have been privileged to live in many places.  I consider myself from Texas having lived there over half my life and raised my children there.  I graduated from high school in Southern California and attended junior college there.  I transferred and got my bachelors degree from Brigham Young University.  
I have four grown children, all married with children.  My son is in the Air Force.  I have a son-in-law in the Navy.  I have 10 grandchildren ranging in ages from 12 years down to six weeks old.
My hobbies are:  my grandchildren, reading, sewing baby blankets, traveling, doing family history, and BYU football.  Actually, I am a BYU fanatic!
I started teaching school in December of 1979.  I did take 14 years off, because of moving around every three months and to be a stay at home mom.  I have 23 years as a kindergarten teacher, 5 years as a first grade teacher, worked one year as a 5th/6th grade ELA/Social Studies teacher.  I also have two years working as an aide in Kindergarten and first grade.  I spent one year being a specialist, I was the assistant to the Reading Specialist.  This year I will be working in the school library.