Kindergarten Open House
  • Kindergarten Information

    Parent/ Teacher Communication: I will be sending home a monthly newsletter in your child communication folder on the first Friday of the month. I might also periodically send home reminder letters and communications through this same folder on Fridays. I suggest looking through your child’s communication folder with him/her every Friday as I send home their work from the week in these folders as well. This is a great time to see what skills we have been working on in class and potentially complete any incomplete work.

    If there is any important information related to just your child I will contact you directly through the phone numbers or emails you provided to the school. It is also important to check backpacks every day in case I needed to supply more immediate information home sooner than Friday. If your child has an accident at school I will also send home the soiled clothes in their backpack in a plastic bag. Please send clean clothes back to school in backpacks so I know they always have spares, just in case.

    I will also have our monthly newsletters, snack donations sheets, and the VIP list posted on the school website:  From the homepage you will click on the “our staff” link and scroll down to find my name. Check this page out monthly to find fun pictures of what is going on in the classroom and for updated information.

    Absent: please call the office to let them know you will be out of town or that your child is sick 327-4336 x212. A child’s success is directly impacted by their attendance. Repeated absences affect their academics and classroom procedures.

    Tardy:  The first bell is at 7:40 and students are expected to be in their classrooms at 7:45 am. You will need to go to the breezeway between the two buildings and call my room(117) on the box to the right of the elementary double doors. I will answer and buzz you in. There is a gate in the breezeway that is locked after school begins, if this gate is locked you will need to check in with the office and get a late slip to bring your child to class.

    Early Pick-Up: go see Diane in the office so she knows you will be picking up BEFORE you come pick up your child from his/her classroom.

    Lunch: Hot lunch for students is $ 2.10 and an additional $.50 for a milk or juice. Adults are welcome to join their child for lunch and adult lunches are $ 3.75. (please check in with office if you are visiting campus during the school day). Please prepay for your child’s lunches at the front office with Sheila Henderson. You can also speak with Sheila to see if you qualify for free and reduced lunch. You can send money with your child in their communication folders or drop it off at the front office.


    VIP: The” VIP” or Very Important Person, will have a whole week to share information about themselves, do show and tell with the class and take home our class bear. I tried to coordinate each child’s turn as the VIP with their birthdays, with the exception of birthdays outside of the school calendar. On your child’s week you can send them to school with several fun pictures for them to share throughout the week. These pictures can be of your child participating in activities he/she likes or family photos. They will get to share one to two pictures with the class each day and then they will be hung on our VIP wall for others to see. They can also bring in one show and tell item each day. I will let you know when it is close to your child’s week so you can prepare pictures, show and tell items and coordinate birthday details with me.



    • SNACK (Please look for the monthly snack sheet to see when it is your turn to donate)
    • SNEACKERS (WE HAVE PE EVERYDAY, these shoes are to stay at school for the remainder of the year)

    Please label all items with your child’s name. DO NOT bring any toys or games from home, we have plenty of fun activities at school.