VIP (Very Important Person)

  • VIP List

    This is a list of our class VIP schedule. The” VIP” or Very Important Person, will have a whole week to share information about themselves, do show and tell with the class and take home our class bear. I tried to coordinate each child’s turn as the VIP with their birthdays, with the exception of birthdays outside of the school calendar. On your child’s week you can send them to school with several pictures for them to share throughout the week. They can also bring in one show and tell item each day. I will let you know when it is close to your child’s week so you can prepare pictures, show and tell items and coordinate birthday details with me.



    Judah 5th-8th

    Lochlan 11th-15th



    Chloe 9th-13th

    Ava T 16th- 20th



    Kyna October 30-November 3rd

    Andres 6th-10th

    Braylee 27th- Dec.1st



    Jerron 4th-8th

    Hadley 11th-15th



    Trae 15th-19th

    Ava M 22nd-25th



    JJ January 29th- February 2nd

    Taylor 5th-8th



    Savannah  5th-9th

    Yaretzy 12th-16th 


    Sebastian 9th- 13th


    Cooper 14th-18th

    Anberlynn 21st-24th