Norwood Schools:

    WILL make meal modifications prescribed by a licensed physician to accommodate a disability.

    The Medical Statement for Meal Modifications are available at the Norwood School office. On the front of each form are further instructions and information about the meal modifications that can be requested under federal regulations, and the procedures that apply to either an allergy that rises to the level of a disability or an allergy/intolerance that does not rise to the level of a disability. Please read this information carefully before completing the appropriate form. Only the types of meal modifications explained in the first paragraph of this letter are applicable to Norwood School.

    Meal modifications may take approximately 10 days to implement from the time the request is received.

    For a student who does have a requested disability, the only fluid cow’s milk substitutions allowed by the USDA are: 1% or skim lactose-free fluid cow’s milk or a non-dairy beverage with a nutrient profile equivalent to fluid cow’s milk as specified in federal regulations.

    If you have any questions, call the school food service director at 970-327-4336.


    This institution is an equal opportunity provider.