• Family School Community Partnering (FSCP)

    One of the five essential elements of the Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)

    "The power of family engagement will change the trajectory of school improvement." -Dr. Steven Constantino

    Everything we do at NPS is focused on our students' successes -- emotionally, socially, and academically. Students are even more successful when families and the community are involved in their educational journeys. 

    What can you do? Reach out to your teachers, administrators, custodians, food service staff, and students to see how you can help. You can support academics at home and schedule phone or zoom meetings with your child's teachers. Let us know what's going on for you, whether you're celebrating accomplishments or experiencing challenges. You can also join the MTSS team! Learn more about PBIS. Take the Family-School-Community Partnering surveys when they are offered (check back here and watch for emails). You can volunteer to help translate and make signs at the school in your first language. When we're back to normal, come to have lunch or offer to come and speak to classes about your profession or passion. 

    Additionally, here are some links for staff and families (really, all links are for everyone, but the labels help you know the perspective) (click on the blue or purple words to link to resources): 


    San Miguel Resource Center (SMRC)-- Resource specialists visit with Norwood students opted-in to their programming monthly. SMRC uses an evidence-based, resiliency curriculum focusing on helping youth develop the skills and tools to be successful. The topics include healthy communication, healthy relationships, emotion regulation, identity and diversity, and tolerance.

    True North Youth Program



    FSCP 101 from Darcy Hutchins at CDE (PowerPoint slideshow - the last slide has resource links) and Norwood FSCP 101 Google slideshow

    This CDE page on Family-School-Community Partnering (FSCP) is packed with information. It can be overwhelming, but for those who want basics, that information is on this page. For those who want a deep education in FSCP, it's here, too!



    The Five Cs from Dr. Steve Constantino (How Families Can Engage With Their Children's Learning)

    State Advisory Council for Parent Involvement in Education (SACPIE) SACPIE focuses on strategies to increase family partnerships in public education. The group is dedicated to helping to improve the quality of public education and raise the level of students' academic achievement throughout Colorado.

    The National Association for Family, School, Community Engagement works "To advance high-impact policies and practices for family, school, and community engagement
    to promote child development and improve student achievement."

    Parent Engagement Network  PEN is a 501c3 non-profit organization with a mission to support parents in raising healthy, happy youth.

    PEAK Parent Center PEAK is dedicated to ensuring that people with all types of disabilities can be fully included in their neighborhood schools, their communities, and in all walks of life. 

    Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, a website from Colorado State University, includes research-based information to HELP grandparents. HELP stands for Health, Education, Legal, and Parenting concerns. 


    For Staff (in addition to the above)

    Steve Constantino's website has good information and free resources. Constantino, Family Engagement Wizard, wrote the book Engage Every Family, which the MLT read in 2019-20.  If you want a copy of the book, let Ellen Metrick know by sending her an email.