• Early Literacy Grant

    This initiative is a comprehensive approach to improving early literacy, focused on implementing and sustaining scientifically and evidence-based reading instruction. The Comprehensive Early Literacy Grant Program is designed to distribute funds to local education providers, including school districts, BOCES, and district charter schools or Institute Charter Schools, to ensure the essential components of reading instruction are embedded into all elements of the primary, K-3 teaching structures in all schools, including universal and targeted and intensive instructional interventions, to assist all students in achieving reading competency.

    Through the Comprehensive Early Literacy Grant Program Norwood School District:

    • Establishes instructional systems based on Scientifically Based Reading Research to improve the quality of reading instruction for all K – 3 students.
    • Implements a multi-tiered support system(differentiates) to reduce the number of students reading below grade level.
    • Provides professional development to principals, teachers and intervention teachers on effective instructional practices and the underlying teaching infrastructures to improve reading achievement among K – 3 students.
    • Enables teachers to administer and interpret approved interim and diagnostic assessments pursuant to the READ Act.
    • Supports the implementation of school-wide literacy programs as well as programs designed for targeted and intensive instructional interventions.
    • Assists with testing schedules and interpreting assessment data