• Athletic Eligibility

    Weekly Grade Eligibility Checks

    Each Monday afternoon, the Athletic Director shall compile a weekly list of ineligible participants.  Students must maintain a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average of a 2.0 and have no failing grades in any of their classes to remain eligible.  

    A 60% or below is a failing grade.  The Athletic Director will send a warning email to each student that has a D or F in any class each Thursday.  Final eligibility will be conducted each Monday at 2 pm.

    A warning week will be given once per semester to provide time for improvement.  The first time a student is on the ineligible list, that student will be given a warning.  The student will be allowed to participate during their warning week. The second or any future time the participant will be ineligible regardless of the class they are currently failing.  The student will be ineligible for activities and contests for one week.

    Ineligible participants (any F’s or 3 D’s for more than one week) will be notified each Monday by the Head coach.  The Athletic Director and the coach are responsible for ensuring only eligible students participate in the sport or activity.  Ineligible students are not allowed to travel to away games. They cannot suit up, nor sit on the sidelines, team bench or dugout or wear their game jersey...

    Middle School students that receive a failing grade in any of their classes for the quarter shall be declared ineligible for the following two weeks.  Regular weekly eligibility will remain in effect during and after the two-week period.

    High School students passing all of their classes at semester, yet earning a cumulative Grade Point Average of less than a 2.0 will still be allowed to participate in the activity or sport at the start of the next semester.