• Shared Team Leadership

    At the June 16, 2020 School Board meeting the School Board passed a resolution establishing a collaborative leadership team. The long term desired outcome of the shared leadership team is to maintain forward momentum of district initiatives and proactively engage the community through collaboration.

    Click here to download a copy of the resolution.

    In the video linked below, Ken Lawrence explains the new leadership structure, the members of the leadership team and how staff, students and the community will interact with members of the team. 

    The resolution establishes the following shared leadership team effective July 1, 2020:

    Ken Lawrence - Superintendent     Perri Gipner - Educational Administrator     Sara Rasmussen - K-12 Principal   

    All three are co-equal positions reporting individually to the school board.  The chief execuative functions of the District will be divided among these positions as follows:

    Superintendent: Ken Lawrence. The primary administrative function of the Superintendent will be to oversee budget and finance, human resources, facilities and infrastructure, subject to the direction and control of the Board of Education of the District. Additionally, the Superintendent will function as the primary spokesperson for the District to the community at large.

    Director of Education: Perri Gipner. The primary administrative function of the Director of Education will be to oversee all matters relating to curriculum, instruction, and educator effectiveness as well as the legal compliance of the District’s educational programs.

    K-12 Principal: Sara Rasmussen. The primary administrative function of the K-12 Principal will be the day to day running of the schools, including assignment and direct supervision of teachers and other personnel at the building level, and interaction with parents and students as school principal.

    In addition to their primary duties described above, the above-named administrators will be members of a “Collaborative Leadership Team” and will collaborate and confer together on major issues and recommendations to the Board. Each will report separately and directly to the Board on his/her primary areas of responsibility, and will report jointly to the Board on collaborative recommendations.